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Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy Hot

Training at the Jason DiSalvo Speed AcademyTraining at the Jason DiSalvo Speed AcademyThe Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy is a great place to develop motorcycling skills. Founded by Jason DiSalvo, the reigning Daytona 200 champion, his Speed Academy combines cutting edge technology with his extensive experience and applies it all to how you ride your own motorcycle. AllAboutBikes caught up with DiSalvo at the Talladega Grand Prix circuit and we came away with some fantastic video.

Video of AllAboutBikes at the Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy:

Jason DiSalvo's created his Speed Academy to teach track day enthusiasts how to enhance and improve their riding skills, focus on core track requirements, and benefit from the personal experience of a professional AMA racer and Daytona 200 winner. The Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy also pays particular attention to body positioning, trail braking, lean angle control and how and what the perfect line is for this particular track.

AllAboutBikes had a Triumph Daytona 675R with the full Öhlins suspension for the event and Öhlins technicians were on site to dial in this full production Daytona 675R for this track. Julian Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of AllAboutBikes, was the chief pilot of the Daytona 675R and he was joined by Associate Publisher Scott Betten on a Honda CBR 600 and TJ Rossi and Mark Penn dot black porn Dymski on a pair of Suzuki Gixxers. On hand to help Jason DiSalvo while we were there were Brian Stokes, Kyle Wyman and Garrett Gerloff.

It's fantastic that the Speed Academy lets you use your own personal motorcycle and the AllAboutBikes staff was able to work closely with Öhlin technicians to get the best possible performance out of their machines. Everyone agreed that the knowledge and instruction provided by Jason DiSalvo and the other instructors is invaluable and the plan is now to expand on that riding instruction and focus on improving lap times.

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