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Personalize Your Helmet? Think Twice Hot

HelmetArt4Personalizing motorcycle helmets in various creative ways is a growing trend. The problem is that such creativity can prove dangerous or even deadly.

Personal expression is very much a part of motorcycling culture. However, you need to be forewarned about some vital considerations when it comes to modifying your helmet. Here they are: 
Airbrushing personalized murals onto helmets has been around for a long time. The problem is that helmet shells are made of a wider range of materials than ever before. We have polycarbonate, fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar and an endless array of composites. How those shell materials will react to the various chemicals in paint can be very hard to determine. The last thing you want is to meet the pavement in a helmet with a chemically compromised shell. 
Rigid Attachments
I have seen spikes, horns, antennae, and various other appendages mounted to otherwise sound helmets. So what’s the problem with this? Simply put, you want your helmet to slide in the event of a crash. If one of those decorative add-ons were to catch on the road, a curb, or a tree, the consequences to your neck and spine could be dire. Here is a STRONG warning – never drill your helmet shell for any purpose.

HelmetArt5Glued on Stuff
A bedazzled helmet may be cool and glued on pony-tails or Mohawks may be eye catching. The problem is the effect of adhesives on a helmet’s construction is harder to predict even than paint. Glues, by nature, are meant to interact permanently with the mating surfaces. Thus, some change in shell strength is a likely result.  Again, even with a soft attachment (like fake hair), there is added risk of catching on something in a crash. 
In the end, maybe you should just buy a helmet that comes from the factory in a motif that fits your style. Anything that you do yourself can be more than a little risky.

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0 # Steve The Man 2011-04-27 21:20
Hey! Here's a great business opportunity for the helmet manufacturers. How about a paintable helmet!
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