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Female bikers - In a man's world. Hot

Edit---confused-femalesmallSome women find it easier than others, but most of us feel the same when it comes to the subject of ‘A man’s world’. Although times are changing rapidly, and women now have more influence, we're still in a world of which men predominantly dominate.

When it comes to the world of the ‘motorcycle’, it gets a little more difficult for women to have a place in. Yes, a lot of men show a great deal of respect for women who ride motorcycles, but there are still a large number of men who cannot accept it.

This means that women who enter the motorcycle industry, or who ride a motorcycle already, are often faced with having to deal with these men. black porn It's hard for me to keep positive when confronted by the men who think I shouldn't be stunting, or in fact, riding a motorcycle altogether.

I have seen some women who ride anything up to a 400cc machine, often get criticized. I never quite understood why. If you choose not to move on to something more powerful, so be it! After all, why ride something you're not comfortable with? Then, there are women who ride larger machines - Some men are shocked, in a good way, and some not. Why?

Well sometimes because they don’t think women should be riding them, or because they don’t think women are able to ride them as well as men – Or maybe it's because they can and they just don’t like it? Whatever the reason, it’s often enough to put a women down. However, if you ride a motorcycle, it's because you have a passion for motorcycling right? So don’t let anyone take that away.


The biking world can be a very difficult place to be in as a female, but no matter how hard it gets, you have to try and stay positive and enjoy your freedom to ride. No matter your skill level, for getting out there on 2 wheels and conquering the mental barriers we have to fight as women, you deserve it just as much.

I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this subject, or if you have been in a situation where you've have felt slightly 'out of place' when it comes to riding.

Please send your E-mails to - chesca@allaboutbikes.com, and don't forget to check out my stunting site at www.chescamiles.com

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0 # Janet/Corn Dog 2011-01-05 22:36
It's important to remember that when someone makes a negative comment about a woman rider, it says more about the person making the comment than it does about the woman. If somebody wants to live their life as a bull-headed, sexist traditionalist, well who am I to try to change them? Really, to each his own. I just don't surround myself with people who show disrespect.
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0 # Javy Murphy 2011-01-06 15:47
I´m totally agree with Janet, keep pusing and making your dream come true, forget and don´t care about those stupid man. In some way it´s like man that don´t like bikers, they can´t speak about things that they don´t understand. And those who are you talking about seems to be dumb ones.
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0 # Lizz McCarthy 2011-01-11 11:18
Slightly 'out of place' yes, I think I get a bit of respect for having a go, but not taken too seriously. Rookie year for me was a disaster mainly due to engine problems, not lack of riding ability. Just make you a bit more determined to do better next time !
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0 # Annie 2011-01-23 12:17
Any man that has a problem with a woman rider doesn't have a problem with her, he has a problem with himself. Maybe he feels threatened, has a low self esteem issue or is intimidated? I haven't had a problem with men being negative about my riding or any other women riders for that matter. I am fortunate to be around encouraging and helpful men. Anyone who has issues regarding who the rider is totally negates the whole reason we ride to begin with whether it be a man or a woman. I don't care what they say, I'll be forever In The Wind!
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0 # katana 2011-02-10 14:32
There was an ad for this page online. I ride a motorcycle, I got mine when I was 16. I've never had any problem whatsoever, in fact being a girl makes it ten times more fun because for others its unexpected, and everyone notices. People think it's cool because not many 18 year old girls have bikes; I don't even know any guys with one my age.
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+1 # bikrslt 2011-02-24 19:15
i cope by being BETTER than the men i ride with.Female riders have better manual dexterity, quicker reflexes and a lower center of gravity which helps us handle our bikes better.No great amount of strength is required, and the only thing stopping most women from riding is what is between their ears.A belief that you can't possibly ride a motorcycle is the ONE thing that holds most back.
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+1 # Cami/Bikerbabe 2011-02-27 19:00
I have been around bikes my whole life, in fact my mom even rode. I have never in my life encountered an opinionated, sexist, or disrespectful male rider in my life. When I got my own bike I started riding for charity events, back and forth to work, and weekend trips or just out for a ride in the sun it didn't matter. I've always been considered with respect from everyone I've met. Maybe I'm just fortunate that way, but I feel that it's about the ride not the gender and I believe a lot of men feel the same way and this whole article is stirring up drama that doesn't exist. I don't believe I'm the only one that feels that way.
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+1 # tReY 2011-02-28 15:06
I ride motocross as street bikes are deadly and people get mad at me because the only thing fun on the street is burnouts, wheelies and going way too fast on the dirt all of that goes. I absolutely love when I see girls on motorcycles, because it takes a brave hardcore women to ride a motorcycle. I totally encourage any woman to ride a bike and dont let any pricks make you feel anything negative. those same low self esteem havin pricks make comments about guys too...its all to make themselves seem more macho or whatever but really they are just weiners....ride on sister!!!
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0 # MotorcycleShopDude 2011-02-28 15:56
As the name says, I am a man. I work in the biggest motorcycle shop in our part of California. We get all sorts of customers, from 20-years-plus H.A. members to families with young children just starting out on their first dirt bike or ATV. With over 20 employees in what have traditionally been male-dominated industries (sales and motorcycles) it's to be expected that we'll have almost all male employees. But in truth, almost half of my staff is female. Every single one of them actually rides, from dirtbikes to sportbikes to cruisers older than I am. Every single one of them goes through the same training as all the male employees. They wouldn't be working here if I didn't think they could do the job. So it really pisses me off when I get a male customer asking a female employee a question, then insists on talking to a male employee because he doesn't like the answer she gave him, and assumes she doesn't know what she's talking about because "she's a girl"...
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0 # Lauren 2011-03-01 13:30
Yep. I hear ya. I gave up trying to fit into a "man's world". I'm cyclepathic and my website proves it.
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0 # Katie 2011-03-02 08:19
I can see where this article comes from Cami/Bikerbabe. I have been lucky enough that people are amazed that I ride, and respect me for it. But I have been unfortunate enough to see other female drivers get grief. Count your lucky stars that you have not had to deal with this kind of thing.
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0 # Raes 2011-03-04 21:19
Sadly enough I don't get grief from male riders where I'm at but from the female riders...I don't get it? You think we would stick together....nope....the refuse to talk to other female riders...
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0 # Alison Smith 2011-05-13 13:03
Most guys are good with it, and yes it does seem to be the guys who are insecure or very old-fashioned that don't like women being on bikes (or if they are, they 'follow along').

Starting a motorcycle business I notice the same challenges, and - like riding street, dirt or track - the best way to overcome the negativity is to ignore the words and be the best rider you can. As I hear so often from women who compete against male counterparts, "The best thing for me - and the worst thing you could do to yourself - is underestimate me."

The best teams I've been on include both sexes - and they've always come out ahead. After all, the more ideas on the table the better!

Ride on, ride well, & ride safe, gals!
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0 # Christine Stuart 2011-08-17 09:41
I have been riding for a long time. Once I stopped to fuel up the bike and the older man on the other side of the pump looked at me and said Your A Woman! To which I ran my hands down my sides and smiled and said Well I Was when I left home this morning and still am. He smiled and proceed to tell me some great Motorcycle stories. When I left he waved and said Keep the shinny side up and safe riding.
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