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Be Safe At Daytona Beach Bike Week 2012 Hot

Daytona Beach Bike Week

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Six people died in motorcycle accidents at Daytona Beach Bike Week in 2011. Bike Week can be a blast, so it is important to not let an injury (or worse) from a motorcycle accident ruin your fun. Keep these safety tips in mind at this year’s Daytona Bike Week and every time you’re on a bike.

Don't Drink and Ride

Daytona Bike Week and drinking usually go hand-in-hand, but drinking and riding are always a bad combination. If you chose to drink, do so in moderation and have a plan for transportation. Get a taxi, hop on the back of a sober buddy’s bike, or book a hotel within walking distance of the Bike Week festivities. If you must drive or ride, then give your body more than enough time to recover from the effects of alcohol. Remember, buzzed riding is drunk riding.

Wear Protective Gear

A leather vest or a wet t-shirt will not protect you in the event of an accident. Even at low speeds, a motorcycle crash can have devastating consequences on the human body. Hot weather is not an excuse to not wear your gear. It’s Daytona Beach -- the weather will be hot. Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in a mesh motorcycle jacket and a pair of warm weather motorcycle gloves. Even under the Daytona sun, your leather jacket and gloves will feel much better than road rash.

Wear A black porn Helmet

You won’t be the only person in Daytona wearing a helmet. Wear your brain bucket.

Keep Your Passenger Safe

Guys, as tempting as it is to cruise around with a scantily-clad biker babe on the back, it is not safe. Make sure your passenger has adequate protective gear.

Stay Alert

Pedestrians and bikes will be all over the streets of Daytona during Bike Week. You can’t count on them to see or hear your bike, so keep your eyes open and your speed low.

Obey Local Traffic Laws

Many if not most of the people in Daytona for Bike Week are from outside the state of Florida. The rules of traffic and laws concerning motorcycles in Daytona Beach may be different from those where you live. Know the laws of where you are going before you go there. At the least it might save you a few bucks on a parking ticket, but it might save your life.


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