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Beauty and the Bike

MaxFactorPutting on your favourite make-up before a bike ride, and hoping that it’s still there after you remove your helmet, is very unlikely in most cases! In fact, like most women, I think I have literally spent the past 4 or 5 years sub consciously searching for the perfect helmet-safe make-up. Well, I have found it!


IMG_7722Stepping off your motorcycle after a ride isn't always the glamorous, romantic vision it is in the movies. There are bugs smashed on your jacket, a dirty film covering your skin, you might never be able to run a comb through your windblown locks and a dull dry skin is spreading over your knuckles.


hairAbout this time last year I had to ride an hour on a motorcycle to a photoshoot…not the most ideal prep to try and look your best. While I’m not the girliest girl around, I do still like my hair to be presentable when I black porn whip off my helmet, so I have compiled some suggestions on how to keep your locks composed even after long rides.


free_5187552All of us female riders frequently go through the struggles of helmet hair. Luckily, there are several fashionable, quick, and easy tips in preserving those healthy locks while still enjoying the full experience of the ride.


perfectpoutThe perfect pout. We all want it. But it’s not so easy to achieve, especially when you’re bike-bound. The environmental elements riders face, plus the chemicals we all ingest on a daily basis, make it really difficult to keep lips smooth and soft. They can dry out, chap, and sometimes even burn or blister. So it’s important to handle yours with care, and put the best ingredients on them from the get-go.


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