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Beyond The Law: A Movie Based On Real Biker Gangs

Motorcycle film fans looking for a non-sensationalized depiction of outlaw motorcycle clubs, need look no further than 1992’s Beyond the Law, starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Madsen.

History of the Boozefighters MC

The Boozefighters MC was formed in South Gate, California in 1946. They officially got things started at the All American Bar in this Los Angeles area town.

Hells Angels - The Early Years

Just about everyone in the modern world knows who the Hells Angels are. However, it wasn’t always this way. The Hells Angels MC has developed from its roots in California into a worldwide organization that is reviled by some and adored by others.

A History of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club

In the folklore of outlaw motorcycle clubs, the Pagans stand side-by-side with the notorious Hells Angels. The 1%er MC has a widespread presence in the Eastern United States and is the most fierce rival of “81.” They are known as a “One Percenter” motorcycle club and are classified as an “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club: Positivity Embodied

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club stands as a refreshing departure from the proliferation of intimidating, posturing, even violent MCs in the US. The predominately African-American BSMC is a nation-wide club dedicated to positive change, charity, and preservation of the memory of the original Buffalo Soldiers.

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs: The One Percenters

Biker gangs have been a part of American culture (and abroad) since the aftermath of World War II. Among them is a subculture known as the “One percenters”, which is comprised of what the average person knows as “Outlaws.”

Such groups have been the subject of various criminal investigations and are generally held in low regard by law enforcement authorities. Yet, they remain a prominent force among the anti-establishment crowd and continue to cast their footprint in the 21st century.

6 results - showing 1 - 6
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