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Biker Women With Sweet Jackets

Before getting to the actual topic of this post, I'd like to draw your attention to the lady sitting on the back of the first bike. Specifically, her AWESOME jacket. Are those leopard flames I see creeping up her sleeve, outlined in pink? That has to be the coolest article of clothing I've seen in months, if not ever. If I saw her wearing that in the street, I'd ask her for her autograph. A lady with that much style is sure to be a celebrity one day. 

Okay, now back to the subject at hand: biker safety for women. Sometimes, it can be really uncomfortable for a woman to go into a biker safety class, because they're usually packed with men. That can be a lot of testosterone for a chick to handle (and let's be honest: some biker guys are kind of creepy). But now, more and more women-only motorcycle classes are popping up --- and they're drawing pretty big crowds (I imagine for the same reason that women-only gyms like Curves do well).  

Claudean Gallup teaches a women's motorcycle course in Utah, and she says her favorite part of teaching is knowing that there are going to be more educated, aware and generally better bikers on the road with her.  She also said: 

"I love when they don't think they can do it and the find out that they can. I also like that knowing that I'm teaching people safety." 

If you're curious about what it would be like to take a motorcycle safety course surrounded by fellow femme bikers, the Deseret News has a really good article about one woman's story here

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