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2013 BMW F 800 GS Review

Reviewed by Mark Kerr   

Top 10 Reviewer   -   View all my reviews   Written: September 09, 2013 | Last updated: September 15, 2013
Overall rating 
Rider Comfort 
Power Feel 
Handling & Shifting 
Features & Controls 
Confidence Inspiring 

Pros & Cons

Great power at all ranges
On the fly mode adjustments
Excellent weight distribution
A bit tall for me
price a little steep

BMW F800GS By Mark Kerr AllAboutBikes Road Tester extraordinaire

As soon as you start this bike you fall in love with the sound. Ok maybe I am a bit of a bike nerd but I loved the tone. All controls are super easy to work and after only a few minutes riding you feel right at home on this GS.

The heated grips (which I think should be available on every bike made) seemed to heat up much faster than what I am used to on my R1150GS. Big plus! While we are talking about grips just a personal thing I guess, I found wearing a gel pad quality glove (Olympia Gel Gloves with this bike made for a very comfortable feel as far as grip size goes.

The new 800GS comes with chain drive as with all the smaller GS’s. A little more maintenance and care than on my huge 1150 but we all know the benefits of more power and less weight and that seems to be a fair trade especially on this bike.

Let’s talk about the ride. Surprising Torque is the first thing that comes to mind. This bike is stuffed full of power. All areas are more than adequate but it seems to shine in the 4000 -5500 RPM range to me. It’s very competent in city riding and the gear ratios seem to work really well on the mild off roading.

I got to open the bike up on the highway a few times during the 400-500 miles I rode it. Passing a few trucks or slow caged drivers is no problem. I do know for a fact that in 6th gear after only a very small amount of asphalt passing by on the highway it will easily do well over 100MPH, don’t try this at home.

Rating Details

Rider Comfort
Very comfortable
Typical BMW GS sitting position (perfect)
Power Feel & Engine
Great at all speeds
Top end even better than expected
Handling & Shifting
Superior at any speed or terrain
Smoothest gearbox on any GS I have riden
Features & Controls
Easy to find and switch even with gloves
Cluster visiblity good in all light conditions
The windshield seems to do a good job at keeping the bulk of the wind off your torso. It does dump the rest just below your chin, which is not an issue with a good helmet, a plus in hot weather.

I had concerns that the sleek looking mirrors would not work very well. I was wrong, once I had them in position they worked just fine.
Confidence Inspiring
The transmission on this bike black porn was by far the smoothest I have ever encountered on a BMW. The new style gearbox on this bike is amazing! I would actually say as smooth as any other bike in the class.

The ability to change suspension settings on this bike while riding is nothing less than genius. And the differences between modes are very noticeable. I ran through all the settings both alone and while riding with a passenger. BTW if you take your wife with you the ride height is perfect! Just hold on when she climbs on and off due to the tiptoe the bike is top heavy.

The ABS is also a button away to control, but I have to say I feel the rear ABS came on rather easily and I was never able to activate the front. Even after some intentional quick stops.
You get what you pay for!
But you wll pay in the upper teens to enoy!
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