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AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket Hot

AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket
AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket
AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

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AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket



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Even under cool conditions it can be hot riding a motorcycle in the summer, but the Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket from AGV Sport makes your ride a lot cooler and more comfortable by creating a great deal of air flow around your torso. As the name suggests, it is well-perforated in the chest, on the arms, and in the back for very comfortable summer riding.

These perforations creates continuous air flow, providing relief from the hot temperatures. This design feature alone gives it 10 out of 10 for comfortable riding in hot conditions, but it's not the only thing that makes the Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket worth having.

Testing the Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

We tested the Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket on a recent ride to New Hampshire, a trip that involved huge changes in weather from 95 degrees to 65 degrees all in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately these changes included some significant rain and no perforated jacked is designed to be waterproof — any jacket that lets the air in will also let the rain in!

Lucky for me I had another layer I could quickly put on to prevent water coming through the perforations, so don't use this jacket if you expect to be riding in the rain much. And, even if you don't expect it, you shouldn't ride with this or any other perforated jacket without a second, waterproof layer in case of showers.

This jacket is very good value for the money. For $249.00 you get a leather jacket that's well made and has enough protection in case something happens. You also get a leather jacket that provides excellent ventilation because of the perforations, making it much more comfortable to ride in the heat. It even has enough room to wear a thick under-layer for some fall and winter riding, if you want.

Features of the Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

One of the first things I noticed when I put on this AGV Sport jacket was the quality of the leather. The top grain leather is very soft and pliable, modeling to my shape quickly and without too much of a break-in period.

Just because the leather is soft, though, doesn't mean AGV skimped on protection — it has removable high impact, CE-approved, dual-density protection on the elbows and shoulders. It's not too bulky but you can feel it's there and it sits in the same place all the time without moving.

The arms are long enough to fit into your gloves perfectly without raveling up or being too short and velcro straps keep the wrists as tight over your gloves as you want them to be, so no wind will travel up your arms at any speed if you don't want it to.

When you are full dressed there is more than enough room to move around on the bike without any hindrance from the protection. All major seams are multi stitched for strength and protection for maximum safety.

The waist does connect with a zip to the pants and the zippers on the arms and the chest have extended leather extensions so that with gloves on you can zip up easily. Waist pleated panels allow for easy fitting over your hips and the jacket does not ride up when on either a sport bike or cruiser. Reflective piping on the front of the shoulder provides a little reflection to other road users at night.

The collar zips up to below your helmet keeping the wind from whistling at the top of the jacket and the front has two hand warmer pockets with just enough room for a wallet and a cell phone. Inside there are two other pockets that are easily accessible with the extensions on the zippers.

Email me to tell me what you think if you have worn this jacket while riding or add your own review and rating below.

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AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket
AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket
AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

Editor reviews

Overall rating 
Reviewed by Julian Taylor    August 03, 2012
Top 10 Reviewer   -   View all my reviews

Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket, great summer jacket keeps you cool.

This jacket keeps you very cool in the heat with the perforated holes on the front, back and arms. Don't get caught in a rain storm it's not waterproof obviously due to the holes.

Very comfortable and stylish when matched with a suitable pair of textiles pants.

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3.5  (1)
3.0  (1)
Overall rating 
Reviewed by Vertical    August 03, 2012
#1 Reviewer   -   View all my reviews

Summer riding it works

I have this jacket and love it for this time of year. The reviewer is right though don't get wet. The wind on any bikes seems to make it through the chest and you can feel it when the temperature changes.

Great jacket.

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