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Craftsman Motorcycle/ATV Lift Hot

The Craftsman motorcycle lift is a solid addition to any home garage or workshop. Our test of the lift included two major motorcycle projects and several months of use. To say the affordable Craftsman motorcycle lift has performed admirably is an understatement.

Specifications and Features

The 1500 pound rating on the Craftsman motorcycle lift gives the tool a capacity that will accommodate virtually any motorcycle or ATV. Even the beefiest of motorcycles, like the Harley Fat Boy, weigh less than half of that 1500lb capacity. The platform-style lift has a minimum clearance of 5 inches and will raise a motorcycle to as much as 16 ½”. It features a precision foot release and a T-handle for increased control.

The jack has stable wheels so the lifted motorcycle can be moved. The wheels also make the Craftsman motorcycle lift a quality moving dolly – a nice bonus. The unit comes with 2 ratcheting tie-downs for securing the motorcycle to the lift.

The lift action is accomplished via an easy-to-reach foot pedal that activates a hydraulic jack. Once the bike is lifted to the desired height, one of the three substantial lock positions should be used.

Out of the Box

The parts come packed in a heavy and semi-intimidating package. However, only minor assembly is required with the Craftsman motorcycle lift. The most notable impression while assembling the parts of the jack is just how substantial the unit is. The welds are clean and strong, and the rubber components, including the lift pads and wheels, are beefy. The jack goes together smoothly and the assembled product has a professional feel.

Real World Testing

The first project on which we used the Craftsman motorcycle lift was an immediate and substantial test to the product’s competence. We were converting a standard cruiser to a fully dressed trike. The conversion required the bike to be lifted and secured so that the complete rear end could be removed and the differential and twin rear wheel unit could be installed.

With the bike lifted and secured with the included tie-downs, the unit was stable and safe for the full 4 weeks of the conversion. With the lift’s three secure height locks, getting the motorcycle’s chassis to the correct height for the modification was easy.

The second test for the Craftsman motorcycle lift was more conventional in nature. It was used if for a substantial rebuild on a vintage Harley Davidson. Again, the lift performed perfectly. In this test, the lift’s ease of movement with the bike secured and lifted made the rebuild much more convenient.


Obviously there are limitations to the effective use of the Craftsman motorcycle lift. Most importantly, the lift can only be used in its out-of-the-box state on bikes that have a frame that passes under the engine. If the bike is fully faired, or if its exhaust passes under the engine, use of the jack may be impossible.

However, there are points on the lift platform in which accessory lift attachments can be inserted for special applications. The user will have to determine the suitability of the jack’s lift surface for individual applications.

Also, it should be noted that the maximum lift for the jack is just over black porn 16”. It does match the lift of a full table jack.

Final Thoughts On The Craftsman Motorcycle Lift

At a price point of around $150, the Craftsman Motorcycle Lift is a relative bargain. It has performed flawlessly in our thorough testing. If your bike or ATV has a frame setup that accommodates the lift’s platform style, you should be happy with this product.

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