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New Lady Shift Styles Hot

70154018LShift has a few additions to the fall/winter women's line-up offering some new products and a few new looks if you're a moto-fashionista. Shift has done a great job developing their women's offerings over the last few years in addition to creating a uniquely feminine look without just producing the classic pink jacket (blah). So if you like looking feminine while riding, but you're not as predictable as just adding pink, check out these new Shift products.

First is their "Flare" jacket, a jacket with a similar cut to their Envy jacket, but with some new features to make your ride air-tight. The neck, waist and collar have a accordion rib knit to prevent drafts and if you're at all like me, there's nothing like a icy draft to put you in a foul mood. The jacket comes with shoulder and elbow armor in addition to a belt loop closure to connect the jacket to your pants. While I haven't seen this jacket in person, if it's anything like the Envy, it's a solid bang for your buck.

Now, enough of the boring stuff, let's talk about the new designs! While the colors selections for this jacket are only grey, black and white, Shift produced black porn unique enough designs to make them stand out with almost a snowboard-jacket look. The black/white design is reminiscent of the "kuffiyeh" (or Palestinian scarf) style for all you rebel riders. And the plaid is a great choice for the classy rider and of course black offers a staple for any riders closet.

Now for the new product; the Curve Street Shoe. Earlier this year when Shift released their men's "Kicker" shoe, I will admit I was jealous. I loved the skate-style shoe and really loved the urban-looking black and white color they offered. But alas, my female sized foot would not fit into even their smallest men's version, so I continued to rock my Nike SB high-tops.


While again, I have not seen this shoe in real life, the Curve seems to offer everything a street rider could desire. Ankle protection, reinforced sole, toe guards and a style that could pass for a street shoe; great for commuting and not looking like a giant tool squeaking around the office or grocery store in bulky classic protective riding boots.

My only comment, from a stunters perspective is I hope Shift considers coming out with a high-top women's offering, as I feel very vulnerable without high (not mid) ankle protection. But since most people are not stunters, the Curve is a great choice as they offer a million times more protection than a regular sneaker.

Whether you're in the midst of Christmas shopping or considering picking up some new apparel for the 2011 season, Shift's women's line definitely has some products to consider.

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