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Ladies, Heat Your Ride Hot

heatedjacketpageAs winter approaches some people may be winterizing their bikes, but others keep their bikes on the road to enjoy the sunny, but brisk winter days. Technological advances never fail to make our lives easier and more comfortable and that goes for cold weather riding as well. Many companies have been developing heated riding gear lines to keep you toasty in undesirable temperature ranges.

First thing to decide is what component you want to heat. You could opt to directly heat your body with heated gear or put the warmth on your motorcycle with heated grips or seats. If you opt to heat your bike, options black porn are plentiful. Heated grips are available either encapsulated in the actual grip or a wrap around style applied on the outside of your grip. If you're not mechanically inclined I would recommend purchasing you heated grips and getting your mechanic to help you install them - sticking throttle tubes or loose grips are not safe! You can conveniently control the temperature on most heated grips.  Heated seats also help keep you toasty in the winter, like the grips you install them and are able to control the temperature while riding.

Heated riding gear is another option to keep you comfortable riding in the winter.  Motorcycle specific gear plugs into you motorcycle using a DC power source, but some also offer battery packs as an alternative.  There are many options for heated gear, so think about where you get most uncomfortable while riding in cold weather and focus on heating those areas. You can go so far as to purchase a heated riding suit, heated jacket, heated liner or vest (to go under your normal jacket), heated gloves or heated socks. For women specific heated riding gear check out Firstgear and Harley-Davidson's offerings.

With a little research and planning you can enjoy the ride year-round, so order some gear, plug-in and hit the road this winter!

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