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Bohn Armor Gear Review Hot

Yvonne McAvoy
LadyMoto Content Editor

After a hard crash this summer that caused some serious impact injuries, I began looking for extra protection to wear while riding on the street. After I was body slammed on the highway, I wanted more protection on the lower half of my body. Jeans seem durable until they’re the only things between your body and hard pavement.  

During a search on the internet, I found the Bohn Armor shirt and pants and decided to give these a try.   

The Bohn Armor pants are made of a lyrca material with removable armor in the knees, hips, thighs and tailbone section. The crotch has a fine mesh section to allow plenty of air flow, an important feature to anyone that has ridden any distance on a warm day. 

The Bohn Armor shirt has heavy armor in the shoulders, elbows and forearms. The back armor is a large pad covering most of the back area with a second thick layer of protection along the entire spine. The shirt is constructed mostly of mesh, giving protection while still allowing plenty of air flow.

The pants featuring zippered legs are easy to get on. They fit snug, easily fitting under jeans and tucking into boots. The shirt is roomy, probably too much for my stature, and I would have been better with an extra small versus the small I requested.

Both the Bohn Armor pants and shirt fit comfortably under my normal riding outfit; my mesh armored jacket, normal jeans and riding boots. It was not extremely warm out when I rode with the Bohn Armor outfit, but I can’t see this suit being a problem in the heat since it’s made to allow a lot of air flow.

When I put the Bohn Armor pants and shirt on, I found the back pad of the shirt and the tailbone pad of the pants interfered with each other while walking around, meaning the back pad kept getting stuck on top of the tailbone pad in the pants and I had to keep pulling the shirt down. While on the bike there were no issues since I was leaning forward. The shirt fit my son and daughter better than it fit me so they did not have this problem when trying the outfit on. Make sure you order the proper size shirt to avoid this issue.

My jeans fit somewhat snug and I have to admit, I had doubts as to whether they would be uncomfortable with the Bohn Armor Pants underneath them. I was surprised to find that it was easy to get them on and quite comfortable. The Bohn Armor shirt fits easily over any shirt I would wear riding, and then fits nicely under my normal riding jacket also. Again, my teenage children were both able to fit the pants under jeans easily, both wearing different styles of jeans. You can see their fit in the video below.

I wore the Bohn Armor pants and shirt on my first ride after recovering from my accident. I admit that I was initially nervous getting back on the road, but the Bohn Armor gear made me feel more protected and confident on the ride. 

The conclusion is that the Bohn Armor pants and shirt are both comfortable, easy to wear and will definitely add much needed protection if you happen to go down while riding. I would highly recommend the Bohn Armor suit to anyone that rides motorcycles on the street wearing jeans or regular street pants.

Bohn Body Armor has also come out with a new Leopard print for those ladies who prefer a more feminine print which is available this holiday season.  To see all the Bohn Armor gear available, including the limited edition Leopard print, visit their website at

Bohn Body Armor Bohn Body Armor


Bohn Body Armor Bohn Body Armor Bohn Body Armor Bohn Body Armor

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