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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Russ_Brown_LogoMotorcycle personal injury lawyer Russ Brown has been the preferred motorcycle personal injury attorney serving the motorcycling community nationwide since 1975.  Russ is more than an accident lawyer. Russ and his partner, Chuck Koro, specialize in the motorcycle accident. They truly care about the people they represent, as shown by their free nationwide emergency breakdown and legal services BAM program available to motorcyclists everywhere since 1982. Call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS anytime to get your free BAM card!

Sons of AnarchyHave you made plans to attend the Lone Star Rally in Galveston Texas? You should, because they've announced that Charlie Hunnam ("Jax" Teller) from Sons of Anarchy is going to black porn be there!

Kill a Biker, Go to JailThe number one cause of motorcycle accidents in America is the failure of the others to see the motorcycle riders. This is a message that Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Brown Koro & Romag are reminding everyone about with their new Kill a Biker go to Jail campaign.

Fuzz Busters Dave MannKnown as "the biker world's artist-in-residence," Dave Mann captured motorcycle culture in his illustrations. Mann is best known for his depictions of archtypical bikers, which began appearing in Easyriders in 1972.

RBiPhoneThe Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys iPhone app by Acap Global allows you to access the benefits of Russ Brown's BAM network and other helpful features from your iPhone. Just like the BAM network itself, the Russ Brown iPhone app is completely free.

AddieandGussieOn July 4th of 1916, Addie and Gussie Van Buren, two young women from "New York Society" set out from New York City on a pair of 1000 cc twin Indian Model F motorcycles. On September 8th, they arrived in Los Angeles.  Not only were the Van Buren sisters the first women to ride more than 5,500 miles from coast to coast across the United States unescorted, but they did it before the advent of interstate highways and in most places even paved roads.

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