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Royal Enfield

Sid Lal and Royal Enfield

Being the CEO of a Company with a 500 million dollar turnover and an obviously successful business model in the highly competitive Automotive manufacturing Industry, you have to ask the question: "Why get into the motorcycle manufacturing business?!"

Royal Enfield Continental GT

So, "here's the thing!", to use modern day vernacular. When I was a kid back in Scotland, I used to run out onto the sidewalk every time I heard a motorcycle coming. I just wanted to see the bikes and the guys riding them, how cool they looked, how scary they were, all that excitement just to see a guy on a bike!

Aftermarket Knee Pads

These rubber knee pads are modeled after the knee pads used on Royal Enfield motorcycles manufactured in the 50s and 60s and can be attached to the gas tanks of modern Bullets.

Bullet Classic C5 EFI

The Royal Enfield Classic C5 is a living, breathing legend.  The simple design is straight from the 1950s, but the technology inside it is decidedly modern.

Desert Storm Bullet C5 Military

The vintage military aesthetic of the Bullet C5 Military is now avalable with a matte tan paint job. 

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