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armchairMotorcycle safety encompasses much more than the common defensive driving tips and wearing a helmet. One aspect many bikers don't think about is posture and comfortable riding.

No matter how much you love being out on your bike, a shooting pain down your back can cause you to change your riding habits and be distracted at the wrong moment. A pinched nerve or lower back pain could bother you enough to shift your balance and lose control while going around a turn.

Keep Motorcycle Riding From Being a Pain in the Neck - Literally

Consider these tips for helping back, neck, and shoulder pain. Doing so will not only help you stay as safe as you can while on the road, but also make your rides that much more enjoyable.

  • Choose a Motorcycle Seat in Person - A motorcycle seat is the leading cause of back pain. But choosing a proper seat isn't something that you can do online. Humans have different builds, so one seat may be perfect for someone else but not for you, and vice versa. Try the seats in person.

  • The Seat Should Suit Your Riding Style - A knowledgeable associate should be able to help you, and it doesn't hurt to get some suggestions from your motorcycle buddies before going black porn into a store to 'try them out.'

  • Back Rests - Many cruising motorcycles allow you to choose a seat with a back rest. You can choose an adjustable back rest or a fixed mounted back rest. An adjustable one can put it in the exact position you need.

  • Evaluate Your Riding Position - It helps to look at how you hold your arms when you ride. Are you leaning way over to reach the handlebars? If you lean forward, you put more strain on your back muscles, which can cause soreness and pain.

  • Proper Handlebar Distance - If you find that you're leaning too far forward to reach the handlebars, you'll want to move them. Sometimes you can simply loosen the bars and pull them back toward you, but be careful not to pull them back too far. You could hit yourself in the chest when making a sharp turn, which could cause an accident. If needed, you can use a set of risers, which will lift the bars and bring them closer to you without creating a hazard.

  • Check Your Leg Position - Motorcycles have mid controls, while others have forward controls. Some have both and allow you to switch between them. This can help you find the correct distance between your body and the handlebars, so you can ride comfortably. Highway pegs are also an option.

Following these guidelines can help make your cruise more enjoyable and comfortable. But more importantly, they can create your ideal riding position and ultimately keep you safer on the road.

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