Products Partners National Cycle AllAboutBikes interviews Nichole Cheza on her ongoing successful career in the world of racing

MS-NicholeNichole Cheza #15, AMA Pro Flat Track Racer, has been fearlessly riding since the young age of three. Now twenty-three-Nichole has already earned four top-20 finishes at the Grand National Twins races, first in the Dash For Cash at Springfield Mile Twins races, Raced in the AMA Pro 450 Expert Hot Shoe series with a top-10 finish, raced in the AMA Pro 750/1000 Expert Hot Shoe series with an 11th place finish, raced for the Global Products Harley Davidson team, and still plans to do much more.




AAB: So Nichole, how did you get into bikes?

I started riding at the age of three, and racing at four. My grandfather, dad, and uncle grew up racing motorcycles. When I was three, my dad got me a motorcycle for Christmas. Lets just say when I opened it I did not want to open the rest of my Christmas gifts. I wanted to start riding right then. My dad took me ice riding to get me started and I absolutely loved it. Then in the springtime we went to a local motocross track called Baja. After that, I never looked back. In 2003, I won a Canadian championship and female athlete if the year. In 2004, I turned pro and in 2007 I earned a Grand National number. I became the second female to ever earn a Grand National number on a XR 750 Harley Davidson.

AAB: Second female to earn a Grand National number on an XR 750 Harley- that’s awesome. What was your first bike?

A black porn PW 50 with pink graphics

SpringfieldAug08_44AAB: What do you ride now?

I now race a GLOBAL PRODUCTS INC. National Cycle, Lancaster H-D XR 750 and a Honda EAST Toledo 450 Honda.

AAB: So you are an AMA Pro Flat Track racer- Would you say that it’s more difficult to race in this traditional style than other styles of racing?

I think dirttrack is one of the most unique and difficult forms of racing. Let's face it- dirttrack is one of the oldest forms of motorcycle racing. The thing that makes it so difficult is that every track is different and the track changes constantly. Everyone thinks it’s so easy to go around in a circle on dirt, but they forget that we are going 140 mph just inches from each other. We are (literally) trusting each other with our lives. Some tracks are smooth, some are rough, and some go from smooth to rough. We run on clay and peagravel.

AAB: Any good stories about when you were first learning?

The first time my dad took me to the local motocross track, Baja Acres, I crashed. I was feeling rather comfortable so my dad quit going around the track with me. He went to ride, while my brother was watching me ride. I was following a shortcut around the track that all of the other kids were taking. It was through a ditch type thing. All of sudden everyone pulled off the track and I was riding by myself. I thought the shortcut was cool and went to take it only I took the wrong shortcut and went into a deep ditch full of water. Needless to say motorcycles were not my friend that day. The only thing I wanted to do was go home. The next day though I was ready to ride again.

AAB: What advice would you give to other female riders?

I encourage females to ride. Being at the race track I see more and more females getting involved. I love that I get to be the one who inspires them. I don't care if they don't race. It's awesome when I even see them riding at home, on the road, or in the trails. Motorcycles are not just for males.

AAB: What do you say about being covered in dirt?

(laughs) I love being covered in the dirt. It's like a fashion statement. If I'm not dirty I'm not happy.

AAB: Awesome!! So-What’s next?

Right now I am getting ready for next season. We will be doing some ice riding and going to some motorcycle dealer shows.  You can follow me on my website at I look forward to seeing everyone at the track.

Nichole Cheza #15



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