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Tire Review: Michelin AC 10 DOT Knobby Hot


Dual-sport motorcycles are the chameleons of the motorcycling world.  On one end of the spectrum, you have riders who relegate their bikes to pure pavement duty.  In the middle, you have dual-sporters who mix street and dirt in a wide range of ratios.  Then there are the dual-sport riders that spend all of their time in the dirt, using the pavement only (reluctantly) to get there.


If you fit into that last category, you need a DOT legal knobby.  The Michelin AC 10 is just such a tire.  The AC 10 has some cool features.  First, it is a reversible tire.  At various locations, it has an “M” imprinted as a tread wear indicator.  When the “M” disappears, the tire can be reversed on the rim to add longevity.  To this end, the knobs are designed in a mirror-image.

Reports are that the tire has excellent durability.  It resists chunking, tearing, and rapid tread wear.  There is an obvious trade-off here.  The AC 10’s hard compound will make it a less than ideal rock tire, where a soft compound is desirable.

Front and rear versions are available in popular sizes.  Retail prices run from $95 - $110, but better prices can had online.


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