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Women’s Racing Safety Accessories

Women’s Motorcycle Racing Safety Accessories

Kari Lamanuzzi Staff Writer

Motorcycle safety accessories are an essential part of the pastime.  As more women have become involved in motocross, Superbike, and MotoGP, the availability of motorcycle safety accessories for women has exploded.  In addition to possibly saving the rider’s life in a crash, safety accessories can also say something about who you are as a rider and what you’re all about on the track.

Icon has come out with an outstanding follow up to the extremely successful Bombshell, the Hella.  The Hellas offer the fashionable, sexy feel of a high-end dress boot, with all the functionality of a top of the line motorcycle boot.  Hellas feature full zip step-in styling, insole protections and a padded ankle, and a wedge heel to help distribute weight evenly.  Many riders find the wedge heel to be more comfortable than a traditional heel, both on and off the bike.  The Hellas are made with premium grade cowhide leather and feature a ribbed calf expansion panel as well as easy on and off zipper system.

Women’s Motorcycle Accessories

The Latest News In Women’s Motorcycle Accessories

Kari Lamanuzzi Staff Writer

With the 2009 Season in full swing, there are hundreds of new and useful women’s motorcycle accessories.  Everything from gloves to brakes has been updated to ensure the best ride for the female rider in 2009.

For 2009, Icon has come out with the latest in their line of MX inspired riding gloves.  They are lightweight and include features like a durable construction, abrasion resistant goatskin palm, hook & loop backhand closure and a fit specifically for women.  The glove also features a hi-flow mesh top which keeps your hands cool for spring and summer rides.

AGV is offering a new and seriously improved helmet, the Stealth Shadow.  A motorcycle helmet is essential especially for anyone competing in a motocross, Superbike, or motorcycle race of any kind.  The Stealth Shadow offers a Kevlar construction with a dynamic ventilation system to make sure your head stays cool while you ride.  Its interior liners are easy to remove and wash, making clean-up after a hard ride a snap.  The Stealth Shadow also has an anti-scratch polycarbonate visor and is certified DOT/BSI 6658 TYPE A.  For the safety it provides, it won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet.

British Motorcycle Gear

Challenger Jacket

Olaf Wolff
AllAboutBikes Sr. Staff Writer

I set out to do a product evaluation on Belstaff’s Trekker jacket and wound up with something much more. Back in the day Belstaff gear was the shasizzle – it was the motorcycle stuff you had to have, but that was awhile back, and for whatever the reason the mystique faded over the years, things changed.

This particular jacket for example the Trekker, I discovered, had black porn been replaced by British Motorcycle Gear’s Challenger Jacket. Two things immediately came to mind with this revelation – the first being, “okay then let’s test that jacket,” and the second thought was, “so what’s up with that?” Here’s the official short version regarding the Belstaff to BMG transformation –

“The Belstaff brand was sold to an Italian Fashion House in ‘05.  We (BMG) were the USA Importer for Belstaff.  We are now manufacturing under our label.”

BMW Pro-Touring Motorcycle Boots

BMW Pro-Touring Motorcycle Boots 

Olaf Wolff
AllAboutBikes Sr. Staff Writer

Doing this evaluation on BMW’s professional touring boots turned into something akin to one of those over-the-top European road test commercials, where you get slammed with nearly every conceivable harsh weather road scenario, one after the other.

It began with heavy, wet, morning costal fog and quickly kicked into brutal desert heat, peaking at 111 degrees. That was before breakfast. The day ended in Flagstaff, Arizona, in drenching rain and thunder. And after settling in to a motel, I walked to dinner without giving a thought to changing shoes. They’re billed as boots for year-round utilization – sometimes it only takes a day to fully appreciate all the characteristics of genuine versatility.

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