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FirstGear Baja Mesh Gloves

If it’s comfort combined with proven durability that you seek, Baja Mesh Gloves by FirstGear may be just the ticket. Essentially a three-season glove (cold weather riders in Northern climes may need something a bit more substantial) the glove is another example of FirstGear’s history innovative technology.

FirstGear's Kenya Jacket is sleek, functional

Stylishly sleek and eminently utilitarian down to the smallest detail, FirstGear’s latest iteration of its popular Kenya Jacket appeals to even the most discerning rider. And, at a suggested retail price of $279.95, this classic appeals to every budget.

Made of strong 600-denier nylon, the Kenya is lightweight while providing superb abrasion protection. The Kenya offers a generous fit and classic lines in sizes up to 3XL Regular and 2XL Long. The waterproof, breathable Hypertex™ outer shell keeps you dry and comfortable in bad weather and features underarm, back, chest and sleeve cuff zipper-vents, allowing humidity to escape.

Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots

If you're a motorcycle rider who wants to keep your feet dry in wet conditions, but cool and comfortable in hot conditions, Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots are one of your best options. These boots have a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that keeps your feet totally dry both in the heat and the rain, but at the same time allows your feet to breath so that they don't sweat when it's really hot.

AGV Sport Telluride Textile Sport Pants

Riding in all kinds of weather is a part of having a motorcycle and few riding pants are better for this than the Telluride Textile Sport Pants from AGV Sport. You can wear these sport pants in colder weather, in warmer weather, and even in nasty rainy weather. You'll also benefit from the superior protection that AGV Sport's motorcycle gear is known for.

AGV Sport Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket

Even under cool conditions it can be hot riding a motorcycle in the summer, but the Breeze Perforated Leather Jacket from AGV Sport makes your ride a lot cooler and more comfortable by creating a great deal of air flow around your torso. As the name suggests, it is well-perforated in the chest, on the arms, and in the back for very comfortable summer riding.

Craftsman Motorcycle/ATV  Lift

The Craftsman motorcycle lift is a solid addition to any home garage or workshop. Our test of the lift included two major motorcycle projects and several months of use. To say the affordable Craftsman motorcycle lift has performed admirably is an understatement.

Brake Disc Lock Security

Good disc locks are massively armored devices that are virtually impervious to bolt cutters and other forms of devious mischief. Most versions of disc locks have keyed pins that lock through one of the holes in the black porn front brake disc.

Safeguard Your Helmet

The strap locks that come standard on many motorcycles are the least secure way to lock your helmet. The problem with this locking system is that it leaves the helmet no more than a scissor's cut away from a thief’s possession.

A Look At Cooling Vests

Unless you live and ride in either the highest elevations or the northernmost latitudes, there will be times when you need help staying cool on your ride. There are days when vented and even mesh gear don’t quite cut it. This is when a good cooling vest can keep your core temperature to a more comfortable level. It is also important to note that keeping that core temperature at a reasonable level in extreme heat is important for rider safety on multiple levels.

Nelson Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Cover

There are some things that you can evaluate about a motorcycle cover straight out of the box. Other attributes take months and seasons of use to assess. I have given the Nelson Rigg UV-2000 as thorough a test as a cover should have.

Spoiler Alert: The Nelson Rigg UV-2000 has proven to be one most durable and useful motorcycle covers I have ever tested.

194 results - showing 1 - 10« 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 20 »
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