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TribagI spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about motorcycle luggage.  It’s a real catch 22.  On one hand, one of the things I love about motorcycles is the bare essence and the minimalism of the activity.  A motorcycle looks and performs best when it is unencumbered by excess baggage.  However, motorcycling is also about travel and adventure, and for this you need to take stuff with you.  Over my years of motorcycle travel, I have come to the realization that a good tank bag is a great thing.


GearBagOkay, so a gear bag is not a sexy purchase. It’s not exciting like a new helmet with the latest graphics. It’s not as intriguing as a new pair of racing boots. It’s not even as interesting as a new jersey. However, you need something to keep all of those cool things together and safe. That’s where the Oigo MX9800 Gear Bag shines.





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GIVI’s Trekker Series
Taking the combination of style and functionality to the next level.


CHARLOTTE, N. Carolina. (September 21st, 2010) – With over 30 years of injection molded cases GIVI finally breaks the “mold” with our new aluminum Trekker series.

With GIVI’s continual efforts to understand and adjust to market trends in line with our proven designs and technical innovations comes the new dual purpose polypropylene/aluminum Trekker case series

The new GIVI Trekker series is designed to offer the functionality, durability and style associated with GIVI cases to meet the more rugged and demanding needs of the dual purpose market. The new Trekker series is offered in 2 sizes, 33 liter and 46 liter incorporating our standard full lid opening (clam shell opening) as well as an optional top lid opening for convenient top loading selected by way of a toggle latch. The Trekker is molded in durable polypropylene and the lid is finished with brush aluminum panels secured by stylish, protective molded bands, the fully waterproof Trekker series comes complete with our patented GIVI latch mechanism. The Trekker is also available as a complete 3 case set up TRKPACK3 including 2 x TRK33N and 1 x TRK46N and will be supplied with matching locks and keys. Additional accessories available for the Trekker series will include, top case back rest, top case luggage rack, custom inner black porn bags and cargo net securing hooks.

The TRK33N 33 liter version retails for $320.00 each and the TRK46N 46 liter version retails for $335.00 each, finally our 3-case TRKPACK3 retails for $925.00. GIVI USA anticipates delivery of the new Trekker series at the end of this year.


With over 30 years experience in the motorcycle and scooter aftermarket segment, GIVI now manufactures and distributes to over 45 countries worldwide with dedicated distributions centers in 12 countries including 2 warehouse distribution facilities here in the US. Starting initially as a fairing manufacturer GIVI has grown to be the #1 choice manufacturer and supplier of hard detachable luggage, that has included factory supplied options for Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Can AM to name a few. The GIVI product range now currently includes an extensive range of hard and soft motorcycle luggage with specific mounting hardware solutions for over 200 model motorcycles and scooters, replacement and universal windshields, as well as a very innovative range of ¾ and modular  full face helmets.



What a really cool idea this backpack from AGVSport is.

It has in integrated helmet holder that can be whipped out to hold your helmet when off the bike, or if you want to take a spare helmet with you for a passenger later on in the ride.

It’s extremely comfortable with the helmet in place and it’s secured very tightly with straps and a clip so you won’t lose it at speed. The helmet actually sits on the outside of the backpack so you can use the inside to carry stuff.

The other thing is the size; it will fit a laptop easily, and has numerous pockets all over. You can hold a water bottle, and the two large pockets are 9.5 x 4.5 inches, the two 2 smaller round pockets on each side 5.5 x 4.5 inches

It looks water resistant and its very light; this is something that you have to have in your luggage arsenal.

The bag is only price at $59.00

  AGVSport_Back_Pack_ AGVSport_Backpack_rear_view  AGVSport_Backpack_helmet_holder AGVSport_Backpack_Strap_away aAGVSport_Backpack_straps AGVSport_back_pack_no_helmet


Available at


Adventure tourers and dual-sport riders are always looking for rugged, secure, and cavernous ways to take their stuff with them.  After all, an adventure can become nightmare if you don't have the right gear with you. 

To this end, you see big BMW and KTM adventure bikes with military-looking aluminum side bags.  You also have KLR dual-sports with tank bags that have more pockets than a troop of kangaroos (yes, that's what it called).


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