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A’ME Stash-It: A Little Glove Box for your Bike

Storage is always an issue for motorcyclists.  If you have a cruiser, custom, sport-bike or large dual-sport that does not offer easily accessible under-set storage, the problem is even more pronounced.  There is stuff you need to have with you every time you ride – most importantly, your paperwork.  Even if you do have other storage, having your important papers in a single, easy to access location is very convenient.

The Grunge Brush: The Cure for Cruddy Chains

For most motorcyclists, chains are a necessary evil.  Yes, there are shaft drives, but they are mostly relegated to big touring applications.  And yes, there are belt drives, but their horsepower handling abilities are limited.  That leaves the trusted chain as the primary drive link to most rear wheels.  The problem is, as efficient as they are, they are constantly exposed to the elements.  Even modern O-ring chains need lubrication, and lubrication builds up and attracts road grime and contaminants.  Left unattended, the chain will become an ugly mass of dirt and lube.

Enter The Grunge Brush.  The name says it all.  This is a handy shop tool that makes chain cleaning a much more bearable job.  The Grunge Brush is a 3-sided adjustable brush designed specifically for cleaning motorcycle chains.   The head of the rugged and oil resistant brush wraps around the chain and pulls the layers of build-up from the chain’s plates and rollers.  It is safe for both standard and O-ring chains.

The kit comes with a cleaning solution and replacement brushes.  At a retail price of well under $20, The Grunge Brush is an affordable tool.  A clean chain will last longer and keep expensive sprockets cleaner as well.

Harley Product Spotlight: The LePera Barebones Gel Saddle

Nothing ruins the lines of a Harley Davidson like an over-stuffed, high-profile aftermarket seat.  However, if you opt for most thin, low-profile saddles, you will have monkey butt in no time.  So what’s the answer?  It may just be the LePera Leather Bare Bones Solo Seat with the gel option.

First off, the Bare Bones is the lowest production seat available.  It flows extremely well with the lines of the various Harleys for which it is available.  It offers a clean, low look.

Now what about comfort?  It’s in the gel.  Traditionally, liquid gel used in seats can be problematic in several ways.  It can tend to shift in the seat which can lead to a misshapen saddle.  Additionally, liquid gel is susceptible to temperature extremes – it can even freeze.  The Bare Bones alleviates these concerns by using a non-liquid gel that shares characteristics with memory foam.

So what is the feel of the saddle?  It is definitely not a soft, pillowy feel.  Rather it is the firm comfort that most distance riders prefer.  Rather than “show room floor” comfort, the Bare Bones offers real-world support.  LePera recommends the use of a leather conditioner to keep the Bare Bones looking good.

Models are offered for several Harley models, and prices run in the $350 area.  Check out Competition Accessories for some good discounts on a LePera Saddle.

Cavernous Capacity: The Ogio MX9800 Gear Bag

Okay, so a gear bag is not a sexy purchase. It’s not exciting like a new helmet with the latest graphics. It’s not as intriguing as a new pair of racing boots. It’s not even as interesting as a new jersey. However, you need something to keep all of those cool things together and safe. That’s where the Oigo MX9800 Gear Bag shines.

Winterizing your Bike with Sta-Bil Fuel Treatments

The sad truth is that we sometimes have to let our motorcycles hibernate.  In some areas of this fine country you can only stave off winter’s influence for so long.  When you finally give up on the riding season, it’s time to winterize that ride.  One of the most important aspects of winterizing is treating the fuel that will reside in your tank, fuel lines and carburetors or injectors. 

Sta-Bil products are among the most respected in the business for fuel treatment.  Basically, Sta-Bil offsets the ravages of stagnant gasoline.  First, fuel that sits for months begins to lose its optimum composition.  Sta-Bil extends fuel’s service life.  Even more importantly, Sta-Bil removes water from the fuel system to prevent rust and corrosion.  It also alleviates varnish and gum buildup in the system.  If you have spent any time restoring vintage bikes, you know what a chore it is to get rid of varnish and gunk from small fuel orifices.

Sta-Bil comes in two motorcycle applicable formulas.  The first is the original formula that is tried and true for keeping bikes happy over the winter.  I have used this formula for years with nothing but great results.  Now there is also a formula for ethanol treatment.  This Sta-Bil treatment is also for use in motorcycle engines and is designed to prevent corrosion from moisture and ethanol induced water attraction.

An 8-ounce bottle of the conventional formula is about $8.  The ethanol formula runs about $12 for the same size.

OptiMate III Battery Charger: Can It Resurrect Your Dead Battery?

Why is it that motorcyclists seem to have more trouble with batteries than their automotive counterparts?  Quite simply, there are factors that affect motorcycle batteries more severely than those installed in automobiles. First and foremost, motorcycles are generally used less often than automobiles, especially in the cruel winter months. Because of this, motorcycle batteries experience a much wider spectrum of charge and discharge conditions than batteries in cars and trucks.  The fluctuation of a battery’s state of charge is a major factor in its usable lifespan.

Also, since motorcycle batteries must be much smaller and lighter than car batteries, they incorporate materials that are lighter and less resilient than their larger brethren. In the world of lead-acid batteries, size does matter.  The battery is made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide.  The more mass you add to these components, the more durable they become.  Additionally, a battery is filled with electrolyte, which causes a chemical reaction that produces charged electrons.  Obviously, the larger capacity of the automotive battery is a benefit in this process.

When you take these factors into consideration, maintaining your motorcycle's battery with a "smart" charger is almost a necessity. The OptiMate III Battery Charger is a solid option for this task. Like most good, modern chargers, the OptiMate III has a diagnostic function that determines the battery’s state of charge and fluctuates the flow of charging power accordingly. This eliminates the possibly of a damaging overcharge. Overcharging causes an excess of heat that damages both the hard and liquid components of a lead-acid battery.

There is an additional feature that sets the OptiMate III apart from most other chargers. It has a “desulfator” function that can bring some neglected batteries back from the brink of death.  It should be noted that some batteries are too far gone to be resurrected. Desulfation will not bring batteries with a shorted cell, or worn out plates.  However, if the internal neglect of the battery is not too severe, a desulfation cycle can work wonders. The OptiMate actually identifies this battery condition and runs this function automatically.

The OptiMate name is not as recognizable as the Battery Tender brand. However, it will ultimately do just as good a job at maintaining your $100 battery investment. It even offers technology that other smart chargers don't.  At a retail price of $60, it is an affordable and feature-rich unit.

GIVI breaks the "mold" with New Aluminum Trekker



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                        MEDIA CONTACT: Paul Collins
Tel: 877-679-4484

GIVI’s Trekker Series
Taking the combination of style and functionality to the next level.


CHARLOTTE, N. Carolina. (September 21st, 2010) – With over 30 years of injection molded cases GIVI finally breaks the “mold” with our new aluminum Trekker series.

With GIVI’s continual efforts to understand and adjust to market trends in line with our proven designs and technical innovations comes the new dual purpose polypropylene/aluminum Trekker case series

The new GIVI Trekker series is designed to offer the functionality, durability and style associated with GIVI cases to meet the more rugged and demanding needs of the dual purpose market. The new Trekker series is offered in 2 sizes, 33 liter and 46 liter incorporating our standard full lid opening (clam shell opening) as well as an optional top lid opening for convenient top loading selected by way of a toggle latch. The Trekker is molded in durable polypropylene and the lid is finished with brush aluminum panels secured by stylish, protective molded bands, the fully waterproof Trekker series comes complete with our patented GIVI latch mechanism. The Trekker is also available as a complete 3 case set up TRKPACK3 including 2 x TRK33N and 1 x TRK46N and will be supplied with matching locks and keys. Additional accessories available for the Trekker series will include, top case back rest, top case luggage rack, custom inner bags and cargo net securing hooks.

The TRK33N 33 liter version retails for $320.00 each and the TRK46N 46 liter version retails for $335.00 each, finally our 3-case TRKPACK3 retails for $925.00. GIVI USA anticipates delivery of the new Trekker series at the end of this year.


With over 30 years experience in the motorcycle and scooter aftermarket segment, GIVI now manufactures and distributes to over 45 countries worldwide with dedicated distributions centers in 12 countries including 2 warehouse distribution facilities here in the US. Starting initially as a fairing manufacturer GIVI has grown to be the #1 choice manufacturer and supplier of hard detachable luggage, that has included factory supplied options for Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Can AM to name a few. The GIVI product range now currently includes an extensive range of hard and soft motorcycle luggage with specific mounting hardware solutions for over 200 model motorcycles and scooters, replacement and universal windshields, as well as a very innovative range of ¾ and modular  full face helmets.


Lockstraps Locking Tie-Downs – Security for Your Transport

For those of you who ride dedicated off-road bikes or have the need to transport your ride across country in a truck bed or on a trailer, there is a new security option of which you can take advantage. Lockstraps is now selling their Lockstraps Locking Tie-Downs for the situations above and virtually any other which requires you to lock something up or down that you do not want stolen. And, we all have something we want to keep – especially anything with two wheels and an engine!

The Lockstraps come equipped with two very strong and ‘beefy’ combination-lock carabiners at either end to allow you to lock both ends into position until you are ready to remove them. These combo locks allow you to ride all day long and not worry about loosing a key. The straps enclose a steel cable that runs the entire length of the strap, which provides added security. Rivets used in the assembly of the strap units are thick and tough; the straps are rated for a working load of 400lbs and a maximum load of 1200lbs. And, the Lockstraps come equipped with built-in ‘soft tie’ extensions. These are constructed so that no metal parts abrade the surfaces of any motorcycle you use them to haul – no scratches, no new paint needed.

The Lockstraps are the product of Jeff Cranny. It was after he had the bad luck to have valuable items stolen from the back of his pick-up truck that he came up with the idea for “a locking, best-tie-down-strap-ever-created.” As many police departments state, 90% of property crime is “smash and grab”, and these straps will deter all but the most dedicated thief – and the time it takes to get through them will only increase the likelihood that the thief will be caught. Out of misfortune comes knowledge, and the knowledge gained by Cranny has led to the Lockstraps Locking Tie-Downs being available for you to purchase and use as needed.

For more information, check out the Lockstraps website here.

New Shoei Qwest Helmet Review; Save!

Posted: 17th September 2010 by eWay Direct

Can be found at Competition Accessories!

The highly anticipated Shoei Qwest Helmet available 09/17/2010, arrives as a direct competitor of the Arai RX-Q Helmet but with a lower price tag. With the Shoei Qwest Helmet brings a new generation of helmets to the market. This new helmet takes the needs of touring bikers into consideration: long range comfortable fit, wider entry, more chin room (1/8 to1/4 inch) and most importantly about -1.2db quieter than the RF-1100 Helmet. This premium helmet is a further development and we believe Shoei is positioning this helmet as a long-distance touring version of the popular Shoei RF-1100 Helmet.
A Crossover Product – The Ripxx

This happens often; a product used in one sport or discipline finds another use in an endeavor which may or may not be related. In the case of the device here, it is two sports which have similar needs for highly accurate information which will help the participants improve their performance.

In skiing and snowboarding, being able to see how you tackled a slope can help you achieve a better run on a subsequent attempt. The same can be said of motorcycling – whether on road or off – and getting the right information can be invaluable. Skiers and snowboarders have a tool they can use to give them that data – yes, the very same information any interested motorcycle rider or racer may also make use of as it includes exact location and speed and can be broken down for easier digestion – this device is known as the Ripxx.

Though not designed for motorcycles, the Ripxx can be used quite easily (as long as you solve a small issue involving mounting the unit – it only comes equipped with a hook-and-loop-type armband) by any rider in any terrain in most any conditions. The Ripxx contains a GPS chip and three each of accelerometers and gyroscopes, all of which are used to record detailed and precise information about the ride, any ride. When combined with your computer (both PC and Mac), the data can be superimposed over a Google Maps image using the Ripxx Manager, Ripxx Analysis and Ripxx Replay software included with the unit. It is even possible to use ‘splits’ to see your time through specific areas of a road or off-road course. Imagine how much this could help an aspiring racer on any type of terrain.

The Ripxx does not come cheap. It has a retail price of $329, but consider how much data it provides – how much is that worth to you? For more information, click on over to here. If anyone is looking for that perfect gift for the next gift-friendly holiday…my address is…

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