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Geza Covers: Form-Fitting Protection For Your Bike
Reviewed by Dick    December 17, 2011
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Geza Cover

Purchased an Elite Series Geza cover for my Harely Softail Deluxe. I ordered this directly from Geza and found that their Customer Support was non-responsive. When I black porn placed the order I was told it would ship within 2 weeks. When it did not arrive in 2 1/2 weeks I sent them an email inquiring about timing. I did not received a response after 3 days so I forward a 2nd email inquiry. After another week going by - again no response, so I called them and got a 'all our representatives are busy, please leave a message' response. I left an inquiry message with my contact information. I never received the the courtesy of an email or telephone reply to my 3 inquiries. About a week later I noticed a charge to my credit card (suggesting thes were getting ready to ship). The cover finally showed up about a 3 days later. Original delivery time was stated as 2 weeks + shipping - - - actual delivery time 5+ weeks.

I installed the cover on the bike when it arrived and the fit was pretty good on the front of the bike but poor fitting on the rear in the saddle bag area(ie. loosing fitting even when stretched with the perimeter loops). I once again attempted to email Geza inquiring about the fit. After 4 days again No Reply.

Conclusion: Their advertising makes the cover look like a 'one of a kind' product - which the fabric seems to be the the finished product is not. This combined with their Customer Unfriendly Support makes me wonder if I purchased the right product. I will do some creative stitchery on the rear of the cover to tighten up the fit and hope for the best.

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