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Vortex V3 keyless gas cap for GSXR600

Vortex has released a new line of products called the V3 line. We have recently upgrade one of our track bikes from the old version cap to this new V3 keyless cap version. I know what your thinking a gas cap is a gas cap how can they improve on it. Well they did!

Speed Angle GPS Motorcycle Lap Timer and Lean Angle measurement system

Speed Angle has released an updated version of their GPS lap timer , the JI100S. Their product consists of a display unit containing the GPS and a remote unit that measures the lean angle. It is battery powered so installation is easy with the included 3M DualLock tape. The display is mounted to your triple tree and the sensor is mounted to your gas tank (they say this location has the least vibration).

Firstgear Monza Tank Bag with Backpack 107270

Eye-catching, functional, and constructed of 1680-D nylon coated with PVC and UV protection with a non-slip base section, the Firstgear Monza Tank Bag/Backpack 107270 boasts a new stylishly sporty curved profile as well as a carbon fiber look handle, pockets and trim and has won massively favorable reviews from the riding public.

Reviewers on Revzilla gave the Monza Tank Bag 4.8 of five stars while those on the Motorcycle Superstar granted four-plus stars in the categories of fit, finish, durability, features and cost. ($149.95 MSRP). If there is a drawback to this unit it may be the size of the backpack, described by one reviewer as being “tiny” and more closely resembling “a little girls backpack.”

Survival Straps bracelets a lifesaver for Harley Davidson riders

Individually handcrafted and made in America, Survival Straps® gear is more than a fashion statement – in a time of need, it represents a lifeline around your wrist. The company is now producing a licensed Harley Davidson line.

The history black porn of Harley Davidson stretches back more than a century and its riders know well the lure of the open road. They know just as well to expect the unexpected and that unpredictability is a very predictable component of their favorite pursuit. Should an emergency arise, Survival Straps® bracelets, made from 550-pound test military spec parachute cord, unravel and double as a durable multi-purpose rope of varying lengths of up to 24 feet, depending on the style.

Sena Universal Microphone Kit SMH10 and the Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter SM10.

I have to say for years I have held off fitting a Microphone kit to my helmet to be able to either communicate with a passenger, communicate with other riders in a group, or even just listen to music or answer the phone while riding. There is something to be said for peace-and-quiet while riding through the rolling countryside. But am I being a little narrow minded I thought?

The Moto-Raptor: Rocky Mountain Radar Cordless Motorcycle Radar/Laser Detector

The Moto-Raptor from Rocky Mountain Radar is one of the only cordless, wireless, motorcycle-only radar and laser detector systems on the market. With 360-degrees of detection right around the bike, the Moto-Raptor warns you in advance of approaching policeman with speeding detection equipment turned on whether they following you, in front of you, or coming at you from the side.

GIVI MonoKey Luggage

GIVI MonoKey luggage is a great option for motorcycles that do not have factory installed bags. The Italian company has a long history of producing solid and versatile aftermarket luggage options for a wide variety of motorcycles. We put the MonoKey system to a rigorous real-world test over several thousand miles, both on- and off-road.

GoPro LCD BacPac

The GoPro LCD BacPac is a great addition to the gear of any motorcycle rider who has a GoPro Camera. GoPro Cameras are designed to be ultra light and small so you can wear them on your helmet without experiencing discomfort. Unfortunately, those benefits come with a price: no way to see what you're filming until you're done! That's where the GoPro LCD BacPac comes in: it provides a small LCD screen so you can check what your camera is filming.

GoPro Battery BacPac

If you use your GoPro Camera very much, you'll soon run up against the limits of the battery. The GoPro Battery BacPac is a relatively inexpensive addition that will double the life of your GoPro with one quick snap. A GoPro Camera normally lasts for about 2.5 hours. With the Battery BacPac, you can film a full day's ride with your GoPro Camera before recharging.

Cruz Tools - Basic Tool Kits for Motorcycle Riders

Something like the Cruz Tools Econokit M2 Tool Kit should be a part of every motorcycle rider's basic pack. If you ride often, you will, or already have, run into a situation where you need to make a quick roadside fix.

89 results - showing 1 - 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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