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Hi-Tec Digital Tire Gauges

By Olaf Wolff Sr. Staff Writer

Sports News Roadgear Tire GaugesFailing to check your tires consistently is akin to spending a wheelbarrow full of rubles on a shiny new brain-bucket and then wearing a t-shirt and sneakers to ride – both are so very wrong! Few things are iffier then setting up for a turn, or braking hard, with squishy, under-inflated, tires. A grade-A tire gauge is thus one of the best investments in safety gear you can make, and both these ROADGEAR digital gauges graduated Cum Laude.


Riding on tires that are only 8-to-10 psi (30%) under recommended pressure, reduces overall tire life by nearly half (48%). With the money you could save on the first set of skins alone you could buy both gauges and stash change away for boots and a jacket.


“Yes. It talks!” Initially I figured a talking tire gauge hinged on gimmicky – but not so much. I fell in love with this thing the first time I used it in my dimly lit garage. The 90-degree valve head design finds the value-stem with the greatest of ease. Deciphering the correct angle of attack in tight squeezes is old history. Just press it down and within seconds a little voice tells you the pressure – without looking. There’s also a visual digital display that holds the reading for 7 seconds. In the event of extreme short-term memory loss there’s a recall button that repeats the last reading until you get it to register in your noggin.

The gauge functions through a ‘double-bridge’ smart-chip microprocessor that controls the accuracy and compensates for ambient temperatures, humidity and altitude variations. I like the way this gauge feels in my hand too, the rubberized textured surface is non-slip and contours nicely to my grip. If I had to nit-pick, I’d ask why there isn’t a built-in depressor on this gauge for bleeding off excess pressure? There’s one on the TG102.


This slim-line, more travel-friendly, digital tire gauge is every bit as serious about getting psi readings as accurate as possible, it’s just more compact and silent. Both these gauges measure pressure from 5.0 to 99.5 psi in half-pound increments and are accurate to within plus or minus 1 percent. And both gauges automatically shut off after 7 seconds. The TG102 comes with a lifetime lithium battery that never needs replacement and a durable nylon carrying case. Two features that come in real handy when you’re on the road.

I tested both gauges against higher end shop gauges and against each other – they were both spot-on every time. This is the gauge I now carry in my bag when I ride. I keep the TG100 in my toolbox at home and use it every time I take my bike out. It’s a familiar, trusting voice that tells me when I’m ready to roll.

TG100 - $24.90
TG102 - $19.90


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