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Winterizing your Bike with Sta-Bil Fuel Treatments Hot

The sad truth is that we sometimes have to let our motorcycles hibernate.  In some areas of this fine country you can only stave off winter’s influence for so long.  When you finally give up on the riding season, it’s time to winterize that ride.  One of the most important aspects of winterizing is treating the fuel that will reside in your tank, fuel lines and carburetors or injectors. 

Sta-Bil products are among the most respected in the business for fuel treatment.  Basically, Sta-Bil offsets the ravages of stagnant gasoline.  First, fuel that sits for months begins to lose its optimum composition.  Sta-Bil extends fuel’s service life.  Even more importantly, Sta-Bil removes water from the fuel system to prevent rust and corrosion.  It also alleviates varnish and gum buildup in the system.  If you have spent any time restoring vintage bikes, you know what a chore it is to get rid of varnish and gunk from small fuel orifices.

Sta-Bil comes in two motorcycle applicable formulas.  The first is the original formula that is tried and true for keeping bikes happy over the winter.  I have used this formula for years with nothing but great results.  Now there is also a formula for ethanol treatment.  This Sta-Bil treatment is also for use in motorcycle engines and is designed to prevent corrosion from moisture and ethanol induced water attraction.

An 8-ounce bottle of the conventional formula is about $8.  The ethanol formula runs about $12 for the same size.


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